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Portamarcas.COM is owned by Soluciones Integrales En Ingeniería y Servicios (Solingeser SAS), through growth strategies and SEO positioning we interconnect your brand, your values ​​and products with customers and the market

Increase your Visibility

Our PortaMarcas platform produces traffic to the Ecommerce or websites of your business or enterprise, it's there (your website) where they buy your products or services offered.

Professional approach

The vast majority of companies focus their efforts on improving the products or services they offer in the market, many times it does not happen in the same way with the brand.

Brand is Everything!

Activating branding or activities relevant to the brand are more urgent than ever; a brand is a "living" thing, is a person, product, company with an attractive and intelligent soul.

Thank you for joining us on this trip

I am Miguel Alfonso Rodríguez S.

Master and Global Marketing and international certificate in marketing digital Y electronic commerce, consultant and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of commercial experience and training of commercial teams.

Business administrator; among the skills I have are the market research, strategic branding, project management product or brands, commercialization of products nationally and internationally, commercial strategies, marketing digital.

More of 20 Years of experience

Founder of and Soluciones Integrales En Ingeniería Y Servicios (Solingeser SAS), musician, Latin music composer. Marketing is my heaven, music my paradise and seeing companies grow my greatest passion.

I invite you to let's grow together.

You can contact me at

Improve your Brand

Companies can deliver more value to their customers and make the brand their greatest asset

Personalized Attention

all businesses receive personalized treatment from our brand holder team.

Quality Content

We strive to deliver valuable content to grow your business.


We accompany business owners and their brands to enhance their marketing digital

Our clients

Be part of the PortaMarcas Family and expand your business and increase the possibility of growing exponentially in the market.

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