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Seven Steps To Your Content Marketing Strategy

One of the obstacles that business owners encounter in optimizing their digital presence and interacting with your customers is precisely the content production.

The Content Production Obstacle?

In the vast majority of cases, the cause is because there is not enough time for this activity., on the other hand, businesses that can create their own content, they just reduce them to upload photos, or images in their different networks without a strategic plan of marketing communication.

In this regard, it is necessary to clarify that the contents not only correspond to images or photos of the products or services offered by business owners., but also a blog with well written articles that generate value to the captive audience and that promote the construction of the same.

At PortaMarcas we provide you with the resources and advice you need

At you receive advice to find the best communication strategy in marketingg for your content and we also help you create, manage and maintain your blogs with the research processes of the specific topics for each business.

Identify your market segment and your Buyer Persona

Clearly determine your goals

Organize the colors, designs and the communication message in marketing.

Choose the channels to build your audience according to your brand.

Choose the channels to build your audience according to your brand.

Write an article on your blog at least twice a week.

Make live broadcasts through your digital media.

Interact with your audience.

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